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Judge ore 58th ordinary session

I would like, without pun intended, at the outset of my speech, to express my joy to see you all on this day that marks the beginning of another regular session. This period of hard work is always a moment of communion that physical distance cannot alter because solidarity and fraternity are born through common effort. 

Without them, nothing great can be achieved, each one going in the direction that suits him or her, on the contrary, synergy of efforts is a guarantor of success. We may be different in our approaches, that is only normal from the moment we pursue a common objective, that of achieving Justice, this sublime work, whose transcendental character should make us measure the honour and responsibility that is ours to contribute through participation.

In this regard, how can I fail to salute, with immense gratitude, the work done by all, the Judges, who are emblematic figures of the Court, but above all the Registry that has carried out a work, whose technical legal and technological competence is in tandem with the spirit of innovation, and which have made it possible to make this session an absolute success. Adaptability is another name for intelligence, and you have proven it eminently. I encourage you all to persevere in your effort. In this regard, let me invite the Registry to explore ways to facilitate the work of staff and Judges in the face of the current difficulties.

In view of the persistence of the COVID 19 epidemic, the time has come for us to bear in mind that the November session will also be held online and that work will undoubtedly continue under these conditions until the end of the year. However, it is up to you, dear colleagues, to appreciate the possibility, next year, of resuming our sessions with your physical presence in Arusha, with due regard for the so-called precautionary measures.[...]

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